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Smoking kills



A cigar for the easygoing.

Freedom of spirit. Courage. Strength of character. Solid values. It's this attitude, this desire to do things differently, that is wrapped up inside every single PURO VIDA. You can feel it in every leaf of tobacco and in the artisanal passion of the torcedors who use their hands and their hearts to craft our cigars.

It's this passion for cigars, this love of giving pleasure to others, that creates an environment in which something special is born – the PURO VIDA cigar.

Moments that reflect the principles of the modern lifestyle.

Infused with the laid-back charm and joie de vivre so typical of the Caribbean, our cigars are designed for everyday pleasure. Only when everything comes together is that ‘Lifestyle Republic’ feeling created: the heart of the PURO VIDA brand. The connoisseur lifestyle we are passionate about.

Artisanal petit robustos.

Not every torcedor has the skill to create such a delicate cigar.

This distinguished cigar is best enjoyed when the mood takes you.
An unhurried, spur-of-themoment smoke, this is the epitome of the Lifestyle Republic.

The essence of PURO VIDA.

Every PURO VIDA cigar bears our distinctive band with its Panama hat, blue ribbon and emblematic Caribbean Star. Timeless style, in loving, carefully executed detail.

Our products

The heart of PURO VIDA

PURO VIDA robustos are made from Dominican tobacco, with native leaves being used for both filler and binder. The seed varieties used are the Cuban Corojo and Criollo, which are allowed to reach the ideal stage of maturity. The result is a refined, exotic blend, matured over a five-year period.

Used exclusively for our cigar binders, the sand leaves of the Corojo plant (i.e. the four to eight lower leaves) are particularly rich in aromatic oils and resins, and are also low in nicotine.

Good taste breeds good taste.

PURO VIDA cigars originate in the climatic zone of Jacagua, a stunning valley near Santa Domingo where tobacco plants grow under perfect conditions. For our distinctively lightly-colored wrapper leaf, our master blenders use special tobacco plants of the Havana Vuelta Arriba variety, which provide some of the cigar world's most beautiful and even wrapper leaves. 

The best way to connect opposites is a clear line.

For our hand-rolled long filler cigars, we use only tobacco produced in a traditional and painstaking process. We select only the finest hand-picked Dominican Criollo and Olor leaves which, following air drying, undergo a natural fermentation process. Other cigars, by contrast, are subjected to artificial heat. 

The wrapper has a wonderful color known as rosado claro. The binder of the PURO VIDA robusto cigars is made of fine Olor Domenicano tobacco, which dances across the palate with a smooth, creamy taste.

Not every jewel belongs in a casket.

To preserve aroma and protect the cigar, each one is packaged in a cellophane wrapper. This is yet another sign of the quality of PURO VIDA aged cigars, enjoyed throughout the world for their mild, gentle and uncomplicated aromas. 


Classic robusto – classic beauty
Petit robusto – small but exquisite

„Matured for five years, our hand-rolled corporate cigars offer our clients an exquisite, all-too-rare form of pleasure“

Joachim Sadowski

Puesto del Sol

Product Puesto del Sol
Origin Dominican Republic
Smoking duration 45 to 55 mins.
Strength medium-mild
Size classic robusto
Wrapper origin Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican Republic
Binder Dominican Republic
Ring gauge 50
Length (mm) 125
Diameter (mm) 20
Shape round
Construction long filler
Flavor medium-aromatic, creamy
Aromas coffee, chocolate, earth, juniper
Draw resistance perfect
Packaging single, five-pack, and box of twenty with designer clasp

Bahía Corta

Product Bahía Corta
Origin Dominican Republic
Smoking duration 25 to 35 mins.
Strength medium
Size petit robusto
Wrapper origin Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican Republic
Binder Dominican Republic
Ring gauge 50
Length (mm) 85
Diameter (mm) 20
Shape round
Construction long filler
Flavor medium-aromatic, creamy
Aromas coffee, chocolate, earth, juniper
Draw resistance perfect
Packaging single, five-pack, and box of thirty with designer clasp

The Lifestyle Republic
has its very own credo.

With us, it's all about people.
People who enjoy life to the full and
who want to share with others their
passion for the finer things in life.

an innovative BrandScape for innovative partners.

Creating your own style, even though achieving mediocrity would be easier. You can only follow your path if you’ve forged it yourself.

You’ve got to continue to enhance and refine your path. For example, by individualizing each PURO VIDA with your own unique cigar band branded with your corporate logo.

There are many good cigars out there. With the really great ones, the choice gets even harder.

But the PURO VIDA stands out thanks to its distinctive cigar band with its Panama hat, blue ribbon and emblematic Caribbean star. Timeless style, in loving, carefully executed detail.

We offer our corporate partners the opportunity to enhance our premium cigars with an additional band. We are the only cigar company in the world to offer this service. The additional branding will give your purchased cigars unique gravitas and prestige. And that's not all. For boxes of twenty, you can adorn the box with a premium, matt polished precious stone plate engraved with your company or personal name.

This offer is even available for smaller runs.

With a PURO VIDA, every occasion becomes something special.
Lifestyle and ease for your company and brand.

PURO VIDA cigars originate in the climatic zone of Jacagua, a stunning valley near Santa Domingo where the tobacco plants are grown under perfect conditions. It is here, in the Cibao Valley in the northern inlands of the Dominican Republic – the heartland of tobacco growing – that our cigars are made. Hand-rolled in our affiliated cigar factories by the most experienced torcedores, our cigars are produced in accordance with the most exacting Cuban standards. The wrapper comes from the famous Havana Vuelta Arriba tobacco variety, with its wonderful rosado claro colour. The PURO VIDA binder is made from fine Olor Domenicano leaves. The result? A mild and delicate, creamy flavor profile.

Did you know?

The heart of PURO VIDA

PURO VIDA robustos are made from Dominican tobacco, with native leaves being used for both filler and binder. The seed varieties used are the Cuban Corojo and Criollo, which are allowed to reach the ideal stage of maturity. This results in a refined, exotic combination matured over a fiveyear period.

Sand leaves

Time for PURO VIDA!

PURO VIDA cigars – mild long fillers from the Dominican Republic. For these hand-rolled long filler cigars, we use only tobacco produced in a traditional and painstaking process. These finest, hand-picked Dominican Criollo and Olor leaves, once air-dried, undergo a natural fermentation process. Other cigars, by contrast, are subjected to artificial heat.

As we have decided to use only the best tobaccos, our PURO VIDA Aged Cigar represents the epitome of quality. And we will continue to pursue this standard. It is our top priority to select and process the unique ingredients of every PURO VIDA cigar with the greatest possible care.

PURO VIDA cigars stand out for their mild, gentle and uncomplicated flavours. Our master blenders have selected the bright, characteristic wrapper from the renowned Cuban tobacco-growing region Vuelta Arriba. It is one of the most beautiful and even top-quality wrappers in the world. In order to preserve the flavour and protect the cigar, each piece is packed in a small cellophane bag. Only one of the many quality attributes of our PURO VIDA Aged Cigar.




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Schließlich haben Sie ein Widerspruchsrecht gegen die Verarbeitung im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Vorgaben.

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Beschwerderecht bei einer Aufsichtsbehörde

Sie haben das Recht, sich über die Verarbeitung personenbezogenen Daten durch uns bei einer Aufsichtsbehörde für den Datenschutz zu beschweren.


Änderung dieser Datenschutzhinweise

Wir überarbeiten diese Datenschutzhinweise bei Änderungen an dieser Internetseite oder bei sonstigen Anlässen, die dies erforderlich machen. Die jeweils aktuelle Fassung finden Sie stets auf dieser Internetseite


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